Hi! I am Akshay Barik a Patachitra artist & I present an art from Orissa, Pattachitra is an art of the 12th century. The Chitrakars prepare the canvas in a traditional manner. White stone powder and tamarind seed gum are applied to a gauze-like fine cotton cloth. This prepares the canvas for the application of natural-color paint. Pattachitra is known for its vibrant colours. The main ingredient is kaitha tree gum, which is used as a basis for creating various colours by mixing in other raw materials. Powdered conch shells, for example, are used to get a white hue.

The art form has changed over time and has undergone noticeable alterations. The Chitrakars have fashioned wall hangings and showpieces by painting on palm leaves and Tussar silk. Patachitra mostly deals with mythology, religious legends, and folklore.

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