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Lippan Art- The sparkling art of India.

by radha soni 16 Aug 2022

Explore the beautiful & simple art with the Heritage box. Lippan kaam, or mud and mirror art, is a traditional Kutch mural craft. Chittar kaam is another name for it. Its roots are unknown, despite the fact that it resonates with numerous people in Kutch that have their own distinct style. The majority of the people live in Bhungas, which are circular mud dwellings with thatched roofs. These structures have evolved over time to withstand Kutch's harsh weather conditions. Decorative mud-mirror work adorns the interior walls of the residences. The materials utilized are available in the area.

With just a single lamp, the glistening mirrors in the mud-relief work brighten up the interiors of the houses. Though the work is mostly on the internal walls, it can also be found on the exterior walls. Peacocks, camels, elephants, water bearer women,  temples,  trees, and other motifs are common.

The Rabari and Meghwal groups of Kutch have women who perform the trade, but the Mutwa community has men who perform the mud-mirror work. Rabaris' work on the walls demonstrates their love of ornamentation, and their embroideries have similar designs and motifs. Mirrors are used as a vital component of their embroidery and walls because they are thought to fight off evil.

Heritage box brings you the best handcrafted wall hanging straight from the Artisans.

930 x 520px


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